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Funding ProFIT

Stenon GmbH is supported by the European Fund for Regional Development of the European Union in the project “Hyperdrive – modular sensor system for On-The-Go soil mapping”.

In agriculture, the exact planning of fertiliser quantities and the type and composition of fertilisers used are essential for maintaining soil fertility, complying with legal requirements and the function of soil as the basis for the production of food and feed. Due to the wide variety of soil and plant species, fertilizers must be adapted to their specific needs so that farmers achieve maximum yields with minimum material input and also comply with legal requirements. These legal requirements on fertilisation can lead to high penalties of up to € 150,000 for non-compliance or infringements.

In order to efficiently support larger companies in soil analysis, Stenon GmbH is developing the world’s first mass-market, real-time in-situ solution for soil analysis as part of the ProFIT project, which can be integrated into a driving system. This enables farmers to analyze larger areas quickly and efficiently.
With the Farmlab soil measuring device, Stenon GmbH has already developed a solution in handheld format to support farmers in real time in determining soil quality and plant-available nutrients and deriving recommendations for action.

The targeted application-oriented development will enable the Hyperdrive to be used directly in the agricultural cultivation area and for real-time soil quality determination. All soil analyses can thus be carried out within a very short time on site, cost-effectively, without costly sample preparation and in a non-destructive measurement. In addition, the analysis is optimized through the use of innovative machine learning models, which allows farmers to be given recommendations for fertiliser application.

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